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Get Started with Gmail: Resources



You will want to spend a few minutes configuring your settings in Gmail. Your settings can be accessed by selecting the gear icon in the upper right corner when in Gmail. Some setting that may be important to your workflow include:

  • Enabling the Preview Pane in the Advanced settings tab.
  • In the General settings tab:
    • Turn Smart Compose Personalization and Smart Compose on or off.
    • Select your default text style.
    • Turn Conversation View on or off.
    • Enable or disable desktop notifications.
    • Create your signature.
    • Review the other setting options, use the documents here as a guide.


GSuite Learning Center: Get Started with Gmail

    1. Create and send email
    2. Organize your inbox
    3. Find Email
    4. Create signatures
    5. Access your calendar, notes, and tasks.


GSuite Learning Center: Gmail Quick Tips

Cheat Sheet from the GSuite Learning Center.: Create and send email, reply to threaded email conversations, and organize your inbox. 


GSuite Learning Center: Switching from Microsoft Now that you've made the change to Gmail, here are some helpful hints for the transition.


A video tutorial from Anson AlexanderGmail Tutorial 2019: Quick Start Training shows users all of the basic features to get started with using Gmail. Geared more towards beginners and intermediate users, advanced Gmail users may also learn some new features or concepts related to Gmail. Run time 22 minutes. 



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