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Enroll in SRCS Classlink for password recovery


What is my SRCS username?

Your SRCS username and password gives you access to all the SRCS resources including Google email, calendars, courses, etc. Your SRCS Google email password is synched with your SRCS account password.

Your SRCS username is the first part of your SRCS email address, before the @ sign.

Example SRCS username
For student John Johnson the email address is -> the SRCS username is: John_J1234
For teacher Jim Jimson the email address is -> the SRCS username is: JJimson


What is ClassLink? 
ClassLink allows you to:

  • Log in once using your SRCS username and gain access to all applications you need without having to type another password
  • Reset your own SRCS Account password in case you forget it (you need to set up your password recovery options first so enroll your account with ClassLink now)



Enroll your SRCS account with ClassLink for password recovery now

Classlink allows you to quickly reset your own SRCS password using one of these three methods:

  1. Send an authentication code to a mobile phone
  2. and/or - Answer three security questions

This 3 minutes video will show you how to enroll your account for password recovery when you log in for the very first time.

Or follow this link:

Or follow the instructions below:


To be able to retrieve/reset your own password in the future you will need to enroll.

  1. Log into Classlink portal by clicking on this link:
  2. Use your SRCS login information (the first part of your SRCS email address, before the @ sign)
  3. Set your Launchpad Password Recovery option (at least one of these: mobile phone and/or alternative email address, and/or security questions)

IMPORTANT: To enroll you need to know your SRCS username (this is the first part of your SRCS email address, before the @ sign) and password.
If you don't know your SRCS username and password please call: 
707-890-3777 for assistance between 9 AM and 4 PM.
Please have your student or staff ID ready when you call. 


In the future, if you forget your password:

  1. Go to:
  2. Click "Help, I forgot my password" link 
  3. Follow the instructions based on your recovery choices made during the enrollment



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