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How do I reset my password in ClassLink?


Did you set up your password recovery options in ClassLink?


YES - I set up my recovery options in ClassLink

Go to SRCS ClassLink  and click on Help, I forgot my password

Follow the instructions to reset your password based on the recovery options you set up for yourself (phone or security options). 

Advantage: this process will only take a few minutes and it is under your control


NO - I did not set up my recovery options in ClassLink

Contact tech support via form or phone number (see info at the bottom of this page) to reset your password to a temporary password and walk your through the ClassLink enrollment for password recovery.

Disadvantage: this process could take a lot longer because a technology person will need to call you back


Once you receive your temporary password please go to SRCS ClassLink to:

  1. enable your password recovery options
    • a phone number(please have it ready) and/or
    • 3 security questions
  2. reset your password

Here is a 2 minutes movie explaining how to do it.


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