SRCS staff members need to Sign in with Google to view all help documents and submit support requests.

Seesaw: Sign In With Google | Iniciar Sesión Con Google


Instructions for using sign in with Google to access Seesaw

  1. Go to or open the Seesaw Class App on your mobile device.
      1. Download the app here: Seesaw Class App Download
  2. Click "I am a Student"
  3. Click "Sign in with Google
  4. Either choose the student's account ( from the list of accounts or sign in to the student's account

Instrucciones para iniciar sesión con Google con el fin de acceder a Seesaw

  1. Navegue a o lance la aplicación Seesaw Class
  2. Haga clic en "I am a Student" (Soy estudiante)
  3. Haga clic en "Sign in with Google " (Iniciar sesión con Google)
  4. Seleccione la cuenta del estudiante (@ de la lista de cuentas o inicie sesión en la cuenta del estudiante



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