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Multi-Factor Authentication


Protect your accounts with Multiple Factor Authentication (MFA)

Administrators and teachers have access to sensitive student information in different databases.

Everyone needs to take steps to better protect access to their own account.


ClassLink 2-Step Verification (MFA) helps to prevent your SRCS account from being hacked by introducing an additional measure to verify your identity (image, PIN, SMS, Authenticator App, Security Key). This tip sheet will guide you on how to set up ClassLink 2-Step Verification (MFA)

Please secure your SRCS account and passwords now by following the steps below or by watching this short 2-minute video: Video - Set Up SRCS Authentication

  1. Sign into the SRCS ClassLink portal: using your SRCS login ID and password.
  2. Open your profile in the upper right corner
  3. Select Setting
  4. Select Security
  5. Select the drop-down arrow
  6. Select one of the options from the list. Not all options are available to all users.
    1. Image & Pin, (if available), uses the same device you are using to sign into ClassLink
    2. Mobile SMS requires a cell phone number
    3. Mobile Authenticator requires an app on a phone or iPad. The Google Authenticator app is pushed to all district iPads and cell phones.
    4. YubiKey requires an additional authenticator tool
  1. Follow the prompts to complete your authentication method set up.
Screen Shot 2024-01-10 at 11.08.16 AM.png

Important Notes:

  • If you select mobile Authenticator App, and use your district iPad, your district iPad will have to be with you whenever you sign into your SRCS account. This includes when you sign into your SRCS Google account, once two-factor authentication is fully configured
  • Do not share any account information with anybody. 
  • Do not sign in with your authentication method while displaying the information to students.


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