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Software "Powerwash" Chromebook



Follow the steps below to Software Powerwash an SRCS Chromebook. If a Chromebook is running slow or some applications will not open, Software Powerwashing your Chromebook may resolve the issues.


Printable instructions, including pictures.

Software Powerwashing Chromebooks

Step 1: Get Started

  1. Turn the chromebook off and back on.
  2. Do not sign into the device

Step 2: Keystroke Combination

  1. Hold down the ctrl+alt+shift+r keys, at the same time

Step 3: Reset this Chromebook

  1. A new window will open
  2. Select Powerwash (blue button)
  3. On the Confirm Powerwash window, click Continue
  4. Your Chromebook will display that the Powerwash process has started
  5. When complete the device will restart

Step 4: Welcome to your Chromebook

  1. Select the Get Started button

Step 5: Connect to the Network

  1. You will be prompted to choose a Wi-Fi select SRCS Guest

    *(or your connect to the Wi-Fi network at home if this is where you are doint this procedure)

Step 6: Google Terms of Service

  • Select Accept and continue

Step 7: Enterprise Enrollment

  1. You should now see your device being enrolled in SRCS
  2. When complete select Done 
  3. The ClassLink launchpad should open

Special Circumstance

After Step 5: If your device is not fully updated, you may be forced to update your device before continuing. This screen will appear if that is the case. If this does not happen, please continue on to Step 6.


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